ESKE Designer Contact Lens Cases


Protects Eye Health - Made with high quality superior medical grade material, Eske cases are designed to repel bacteria and reduce biofilm formations, protecting and shielding our eyes from harmful microbes.

Scleral Friendly - Eske cases fit upto 22 mm Scleral lenses. [Use regular contact lens solution]

Fully Customized - Does everyone in your family wear contact lenses? Do you own multiple pairs of contact lenses? If so, stack them in your Eske cases to prevent losing while traveling. Alternatively, if you wear lens in just one eye, separate left case from right and take only one. Hand injury or tender wrists? We have easy-peel-open design that doesn’t over tighten like screw-on-caps. Wear large scleral lenses? No problem, they fit! Can’t see without your lenses? Feel the L/R on your cases. We have a solution to every problem.

Made with Care - Are you environmentally conscious? Eske cases are eco-friendly – they are recyclable and dishwasher safe. All cases are Made in U.S.A in a sanitary environment. Eske is also Minority-Owned and 100% Women-Owned. So, save your time and money and support a cause!

Eco Friendly - Eske cases are dishwasher safe and recyclable.

Customizable - Eske cases are stackable and detachable. Keep one container if you were contact lens in one eye and stack upto 6 containers (3 pairs) for a family of contact lens wearers.

Visibility - Have a hard time seeing which container is left and which one is right? Eske cases have feel-able markers on both lids and containers to keep your left lens in your left container.

Luxurious Design - The beautiful eye-shaped or leaf-shaped filigree pattern is designed to be both elegant and functional. The transparent body with a visible inner curve enhances the Eske appeal. The Teal and Coral luxury colors uplift our senses and excel in augmenting our experience. Accessorize with your bags, eye-glasses, etc. and flaunt your Eske style!


World Class Customer Support

Our support staff is committed to helping you solve any problems you encounter along the way. Exceptional, human support matters to us a great deal. Contact us if you need help with anything at all.