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What Could Cost you your Eyesight

What Could Cost you your Eyesight

What you’ve never been told as a contact lens wearer could cost you your eyesight.


CDC studies reveal a 99 % chance you’re prone to suffer from an eye infection—that could turn severe.


Unbelievable, right? Whether you’ve settled for sore, itchy, dry eyes at the end of the day or your lenses fit perfectly, the last thing you want is an infection to compromise your vision, your health—and your active life.


Most contact users are unaware of the bacterial culprit: the case. 


According to the CDC, 85% of contact-related eye infections are caused by the low-quality case brimming with bacteria that you can’t even see.


Your valuable time and effort have gone into choosing the right optometrist, the right lenses and the right solution, but without storing those lenses in a sterile, hydrophobic environment, you’re just as susceptible to an infection—that could cost you permanent damage to your eyesight.


Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until it’s too late. Research-backed innovation and stylish design compose the Eske lens case: an elegant, anti-bacterial and dust-proof carrier to keep your lenses and your eyes, refreshed, protected, clean and healthy!


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