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Medical Grade

Made with high quality medical grade material, Eske cases are also fabricated to be hydrophobic and reduce biofilm formations.


Dual-lock seal prevents leakage and dust or allergens from entering, while being breathable - allowing lenses to oxygenate.


Easy peel-open design is gentle on wrists and ideal for hands with rheumatoid arthritis.

Single-Eye Use

Do you wear contact lens in only one eye? Now you don't have to carry both L and R cases.


Eske cases are large enough to fit Scleral lenses upto 22 mm in diameter.


Eske cases are eco-friendly and help reduce waste.


Going to the gym? Flying out of the country? Toss Eske cases in your bag and keep your contact lenses safe.

Tactile Markers

Too dark to see? Hard to see without your lenses? No problem. Just use the feel-able L and R markers on the bottom of your cases or the L marker on top of your left case lid.


Do you own or travel with multiple cases? Snap-Fit all your cases on top of one another and the interlocking mechanism will ensure that all your cases are securely held together and easy to find.

What Our Customers Say

Eske looks amazing. I'm looking forward to using these cases and improving my eye health.

Seattle, WA

I'm excited to receive these because I have eye irritation, itchiness and redness and can't wait to see how these work for me!

Dallas, TX

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